Below are a few characters that will often appear in our website:

Note: Click on the character name to view the picture of the character

       1.    Poh Ya        =    A girl with gigantic teeth.


       2.  Superpoh   =   Poh Ya in a Superhero form. 


       3.  Ayam Mati   =   Poh Ya's best friend. A chicken.



       4.  Buffalo        =   Poh Ya's natural enemy, the meanest character in Poh Island.


       5.  Sipidoman    =   Spiderman's substitute

       6.  Kacaubird    =   A bird that likes to disturb others.

       7.  Slimmy        =   An earthworm. When angry, its head will expand.

       8.  Itchy          =   A mouse that moves around by hopping.

       9.  Scratchy     =   A cat that can run as fast as light.


      10.  Bull Dog      =   A ferocious dog that crunches its prey.

      11.   Ultaman      =   A 'lausy' version of Ultraman.

      12.  Eggy           =   A boy with an oval-shaped head.

      13.  Poh Squirrel        =   A squirrel that lives in the woods in Poh Island.


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