Stupid la! Suddenly my Chinese Star 2006 keep showing error. Lazy type in Chinese with those lausy tools on9. So this one I write in my English....

Sungei Wang....I thought river is ‘Sungai’ ?Money River $$... but I din picked any. Here we can see lots of teenagers, various kinds of people, especially those who are called ‘leng zai’ and ‘leng lui’ . Just see most of their attitude, then I no interest liao.

The thing that made me most frustrated is that I lost my way, just in this Sungei Wang. I thought I will only lost in BIG shopping complex such as One Utama and Midvalley. Now, is Sungei Wang. Always have no direction. The map is useless for me. Too many people! Confuse to find the correct elevators to go where I want.

“LOST Lift you for help?Cheater! I lift you up for more than one minute, just remain" Du Du Du"”

Crazy finding The food court..
Yah there’s also a Green Box at top floor, but I didn’t have the chance to sing in there.

Times Square is easier to walk, but not as interesting as Sungei Wang. Nothing for me to buy here, just walking around accompanying my friend to find what they want. May be it’s just because I have a bad mood that day.

I hate waiting the lift, stupid slow, I prefer walking than this. Standing there only make my legs pain getting worse.


Compare to Sungei Wang, I saw more adults at KLCC, and many ‘ah mor’s may be because the price of everything here is too too expensive. I don’t want to walk else ware but just Kinokuniya. This is the largest bookstore I saw since I was born. However, I cannot afford those expensive books. If I live in a wealthy family, I sure will buy a lot, especially the comics. Original, imported comics.


Petaling Street. Those cars which are crossing the road no ‘give face’ to passengers just like us. There’s even a car tying to overtake the one in front of it and almost bang me!

Motorcyclist reckless driving, cars not letting us cross the road…etc

So,with the vehicles you are overlord of the roadEverybody is having a rush hour huh? Rude road-users! Puih!


These three days I no go to One Utama, Midvalley and Sunway Pyramid due to the lack of time and money, and of course, we are exhausted.
Always don't have the time and money to go all these place to play.



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