Internet Browser is a software package for navigating the World Wide Web. The most common and widely known browser is Internet Explorer which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Nevertheless, the absolute worst browser is also Internet Explorer. Lagging again while surfing the net? Sure this is IE’s fault. Therefore, I strongly recomend Mozilla Firefox to everyone due to its excellent development team and large user base. Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation and hundred of volunteers. It has won a lot of awards among these years, such as ‘PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award, Software and Development Tools category 2006’, ‘PC Magazine Best of the Year Award 2005’, ‘Best Internet Tool, PC-Welt Readers Choice Award 2005’and ‘UK Usability Professionals' Association Award Best Software Application 2005’.

    First of all, Firefox has a great intuitive user interface. According to a research on the net, dozens of people take only a few seconds to become comfortable with the interface of Firefox, they stop using to use Internet Explorer to browse the net at once. All the menus are stored exactly where they should be, and although Firefox offers an abundance of features and options, it never feels as though you have to wade through an impossible labyrinth of choices and menus in order to change your settings. Firefox successfully accomplishes the difficult goal of making simple things simple and complicated things possible.


    What makes other browsers better than Internet Explorer at protecting vs. spy ware and other attacks? Well, it’s simple really. Other browser such as Firefox doesn’t make it so easy to install malicious software on your system without you knowing about it. IE makes it relatively trivial through two features called ActiveX and Active Scripting. These technologies were designed specifically for the purpose of giving websites more control over a user’s computer. However, IE in general has had a terrible track record when it comes to all types of serious security issues.


    Most spy ware takes advantage of flaws in Internet Explorer. By using Firefox, you will reduce your exposure to spy ware at a stroke. In addition, we can laugh all the IE users that visit only one webpage and more than ten popup windows jump ceaselessly on top of each other. Firefox offers a powerful solution by blocking annoying popup windows by default but informing the user through an unobtrusive icon when popups have been blocked. If a user clicks on the icon, they can manage their popups and grant access to legitimate ones. Attempts to install garbage on your system that could have easily succeeded if you were using IE will simply be ignored by Firefox.


    Besides, Firefox enables tabbed browsing by opening tabs if a user holds <tt>Ctrl</tt> while clicking on a link. While you continue to read the current page, the background tab loads so that it's ready for you when you're ready for it. Anyone who currently using IE which doesn’t have that ability will be in great confuses switching between windows, cluttering the screen. This is a big problem for them .Unlike them, Firefox users like us can open an entire folder of bookmarks as a series of tabs. Fast, efficient, and intuitive.

    Furthermore, Firefox provides integrated search-field to convenient access web search, from whatever page you're on at the time. It is an easy way to perform searches while browsing. Highlighting any word and right clicking on it brings up the option to do a Google search on that word in a new tab. Moreover, typing Ctrl-K brings the cursor to a Google search-field on the toolbar. Firefox also comes with easily installable extensions to perform a dictionary search on any words that are highlighted, again in a new tab. The features above make gathering further information about a page's content easy and convenient.

    Every time you use Firefox, you're helping to support the Open Source movement. The wide range of extensions that Firefox provides is due to user contributions, and its overwhelming success comes from a dedicated community. It's cross-platform and comes with numerous language extensions. Extensions are remarkably easy to install in Firefox -- just a few clicks without a disruptive install screen. We’ll easily fell in love with its open-ended nature and the access it gives us to an ever-expanding slew of interesting extensions. Firefox has more extensions than you could possibly dream of. In addition, the source code is freely available, and so anyone can open up Firefox's hood and see how it works.

    Finally, and most importantly - spread the word. It’s time now for us to put alternative browsers on the map and let it be known that we are aware of our choices. We need not settle for what we are being fed when there are better, more secure alternatives out there.

    Forget about Internet Explorer, use Firefox!
    Spread The Fire, Burn I.E!





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