21 February 2005 - Monday - Cloudy

A mouse in 4SD! A little mouse appeared in our class this morning. (Don't know why) We frenzied chasing the mouse in the classroom, caused a lot of noise. We shut the door just not to let the mouse get off. The mouse acted very fast, it managed to run out of the classroom. The mouse can't hide from us. Our president saw it in front of 4SC and caught it immediately back to our class. At the end, the mouse struggled and ran into the drawer of a table behind our classroom.

Today's Conclusion :

Kacaubird : Fast and accurate catch the mouse!

18 February 2005 - Friday - Sunny

The Sport's Day. Our member scratchy represents Rumah Enggang and won again in the 1500m, 800m, 400m during the Sports Day. Indeed, Scratchy is a good runner. He will be representing SMJK Nan Hwa soon.

Today's Conclusion :

Kacaubird : Regular exercise make a person physically fit.

1 February 2005 - Thusday - Sunny

Our school's Chinese Society held a annual 'Hui Chun'competition for the upcoming Chinese new year. We, as Poh Club member for sure will come out with something "special" to mark this day as last year we drew a Superpoh to hang it up. This is what we done. Rooster picture we drew! Hang it up! Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!


Today's Conclusion :

Kacaubird :Grasp your opportunities! Everyone has wonderful opportunities, but many people don't realize it until it is too late.


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